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Avoiding Accidents With Bath & Shower Mats


Although taking showers and baths is a part of life, they can sometimes have dangerous consequences. Bathrooms are ideal places for water to pool on the ground, and slipping on a puddle or even a slippery bath mat can be extremely painful and hazardous to your health. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the chances of having an accident with a bath or shower mat. Below are just a few steps you can take to avoid accidents in the bathroom and keep yourself safe and sound.


1. Use A Mat In The Shower

When you’re standing in the shower and trying to get clean, chances are you’re thinking more about whether you’re exfoliating well enough than whether you’re standing safely and securely. Unfortunately, falls do happen in the shower, and most of the time, the slippery surface of the shower floor is to blame. Using a waterproof anti-slip bath tub mat is a great way to relieve your fears and keep you safe. The non-slip surface is perfect for draining water and keeping you from slipping in the shower, and the eco-friendly PVC material means that the mat won’t slide around in the shower. Even better? The raised surface provides a gently massaging surface for your tired feet, which can help you stay safe and relaxed.


Although anti-slip mats can be used in or out of the shower, using one inside your tub or shower is a great way to reduce the possibility of falling inside the shower or slipping when you get out of the tub. As long as you choose one that won’t slide around on its own — or let you slide around on its surface — you should be able to comfortably shower in peace.


2. Install Bars Or Rails

If you’re worrying about slipping when you get in or out of your shower or bath, or you think that you may begin to lose some of your balance as you get older, installing a bar or guardrail in your bathroom is a simple and easy way to minimize the odds of an accident occurring. Make sure to find one with a length, width, and thickness that make it comfortable for you to grab and also fits inside your bathroom; perhaps most importantly, make sure that whatever bar you install is able to support your weight. Although there’s no substitute for a non-slip bath mat when it comes to stepping in or out of your tub or shower safely and securely, installing a guardrail or bar is a great way to make sure that you can do so safely.


3. Use A Non-Slip Bath Mat

When you step out of the shower or tub, you should step onto a mat that is as comfortable as it is secure. To avoid accidents, any bath or shower mat used in your bathroom should have a non-slip backing material that will keep the mat from sliding on the floor, even with the presence of moisture. One such bath mat is the non-slip carpets bath mats rug, which comes in a variety of colors and sizes and features a luxuriously plush memory foam surface. Not only does this bath mat provide a comfortable, non-slip surface to step onto after your bath or shower, but its memory foam material absorbs moisture and dries incredibly quickly, making it less likely that you’ll slip on it later.


In order to avoid accidents with bath and shower mats, you need one that won’t slide when you step on it or pose a hazard by staying wet for hours after your bath. Make the choice to go with a non-slip memory foam bath mat to keep your bathroom safe, comfortable, and easy to clean — not the site of future accidents.


4. Un-Complicate Your Bathroom Routine

Whether you’re applying your skincare routine fresh out of the shower or exfoliating up a storm after a bath, keeping your post-bathing routine simple is a great way to avoid slipping and falling on your bathroom mat. For example, using a specially designed microfiber quick dry hair towel is ideal for drying your hair without needing to struggle with an enormous bath sheet — and it’s guaranteed to dry your hair without damaging it like a cotton towel might. Furthermore, if you ever feel like you might slip and fall while you’re scrubbing your face as hard as you can, go easy on yourself by using a vibrating face cleansing brush that uses sonic vibration to clean dirt and oil out of your pores. Simplifying your bathroom routine so that it’s low-effort yet effective can help you avoid slipping on a bath mat or otherwise injuring yourself.


5. Let There Be Light

An easy way to ensure that you avoid slipping in your bathroom is to make sure that you can see where you’re going — and what’s in your way. Make sure there’s plenty of high-quality lighting in your bathroom so you can avoid accidents, and consider installing a nightlight to help you out if you need to make a late-night visit to the bathroom. Investing in good lighting will help keep you safe and accident-free; even better is the fact that good, clean lighting will help make your skincare and makeup application routines better and more effective than ever. It may not be the most exciting option, but if you want to avoid accidents with bath and shower mats, making sure you can see everything in your bathroom clearly is an extremely important step.


Brushious Can Help You Avoid Accidents With Bath And Shower Mats

If you’re looking to make your bathroom a safe place for avoiding accidents after a bath or shower, check out what we have to offer at Brushious. We offer products that can help keep you from slipping and falling after a shower, as well as a variety of products guaranteed to make your skin and hair look their best. We also offer 24/7 customer support, a 30-day return period, and free delivery on all orders. Check out Brushious today and see how we can make your life safer and easier!



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