How to Choose the Ideal Hair Care Products

How to Choose the Ideal Hair Care Products

Beautiful hair is what every woman desires. As a result, you should give your hair the best possible care. It entails utilizing the appropriate cosmetics, including shampoo, conditioner, masks, oils, and more, and scheduling regular visits to your hairdresser. But which hair care products are best? Understanding your hair type can help you discover the right balance for your hair and end bad hair days.

The four elements listed below may help you identify the kind of hair you have:


Press a piece of hair between your thumb and index finger. You may not even notice it, yet fine hair is more vulnerable to greasiness and damage. You have medium or regular texture if you can slightly feel the hair.


You can see if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly. The texture is one crucial component that may affect these. Straight hair is more likely to lack luster and volume, whereas curly and wavy hair varieties are likely to dry and frizzy quickly.


It refers to your hair strands’ capacity to take in and hold moisture. Inserting a strand of your hair in a water basin and waiting is the simplest method to find out. If it sinks very soon, it has high porosity and is more damaged due to cuticle cracks and rips. If it continues to float on top, your hair has poor porosity, meaning moisture and products have difficulty penetrating since the cuticle is flat.

Scalp kind

After washing your hair, allow it to dry without using any products. 2-4 hours later, gently dab the top of your head with a tissue or piece of blotting paper. You have a dry scalp if it looks the same and is more prone to dullness, roughness, dandruff, and frizz.

Getting the ideal hair products

Knowing how your hair looks currently will help you choose the most refined products designed to help you unravel your natural hair in its natural state. Please take note: No matter your hair, wash it using shampoo for curly and wavy hair. Shampoos are also ideal for dry hair.

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