Keratin Treatment: What It Is and How It Works

Keratin Treatment: What It Is and How It Works

You’ve considered getting the keratin treatment, but you’re still unsure whether it’s the best option.

There are a lot of unknowns with this trendy hair care. Is it secure? Can you assure me that my curly hair will be straightened? Can you explain what you mean by the term “keratin treatment”? What resources are available to me before I try one out for myself?

We have compiled an easy-to-understand tutorial. If you’re contemplating having a keratin treatment done at home or the salon, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, let’s dive right in!

What exactly is a keratin treatment?

Your naturally curly hair may benefit from a Keratin Treatment (also called a Brazilian Blowout) because it will have less frizz, a smoother cuticle, and a softer feel after the treatment. This product is great because it helps prevent colour from fading after exposure to the sun, chlorine, or shampoo.

In its natural state, Keratin is a protein responsible for the strength and suppleness of your hair. Keratin is a protein present not just in hair but also in the skin, nails, and teeth.

The Keratin in your hair is what this product binds to when you put it on. Once the protein has been incorporated into your hair, it will not be easily removed or dislodged.

For how long does the effect of a keratin treatment remain?

Depending on how often you wash your hair and what kind of shampoo you use, the effects of a keratin treatment may last anywhere from three to five months. It will wear off faster if you swim in it.

Is there a keratin treatment you can do yourself?

Home keratin treatments are possible with the purchase of a specialized kit from a salon or spa. The next step is applying the product to your hair per the package’s directions. The hair pack should be left in place for 30 minutes before being washed out.

A maximum of two or three keratin treatments are recommended, while this number might vary from person to person and hair type to hair type.

Things to consider before getting a Keratin Treatment

“Keratin hair Treatment” and the “Brazilian Blowout” are synonymous with one another. Another extremely well-liked procedure is “smoothing or straightening treatments.” It’s important to note that the smoothing treatments are not the same as keratin hair treatments and won’t provide the same outcomes.

If you’re thinking about having a keratin treatment, there are several things you should know beforehand.

The type of hair you have

Not everyone benefits from a keratin treatment. Bleached or otherwise damaged hair should avoid this treatment. The hairstylist may be cautious about applying this treatment on your hair if it has a very unruly texture, such as frizzy, curly, highly afro-textured hair, or curl pattern hair. These hair types are suitable for a smoothing treatment but not a keratin one. Even though it claims to straighten hair, this product only eliminates frizz.

Your budget

The cost of this hair treatment is more than that of competing products and may vary widely. Smoothing treatments are often far more cost-effective than keratin treatments, so you may want to investigate these.

The ideal outcome you’d want to see

Assess your hair’s level of frizz and damage before scheduling a treatment. Would you want your hair to be 100% free of frizz? A keratin treatment or smoothing treatment will work better on severely damaged hair than on healthy hair.

How long will keratin treatment last?

How much effort and cash you put into your care will impact the results you obtain. Keratin treatments for the hair are more expensive but will last longer than a cheaper smoothing treatment that only lasts a few.

Side effects

If your skin is delicate or you have allergies, this treatment may not be the ideal option for you. Formaldehyde is the primary cause of frizz and may irritate your skin. Some users have complained about skin irritation after using this.

The results of a keratin treatment vary not just by hair type but also by the skill of the stylist performing the procedure.

The bottom line

Today’s trendy keratin treatment isn’t without its drawbacks. However. A trip to a competent stylist is in order if you want to get a keratin treatment done.

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