Bed Head By Tigi Control Freak Anti Frizz Serum 8.4 oz


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Frizz is the enemy when it comes to your curly hair, and this serum will help control it. In just 2-3 pumps, you can see the difference in your frizzy locks. The serum penetrates deep into the hair shaft and controls frizz from root to tip.

Give a try with Bed Head Control Freak serum to experience frizz-free curls!

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Have you had it with frizz and dull locks? Meet your new best friend, the Bed Head Control Freak serum. With this revolutionary formula, you can finally achieve salon-perfect results with just a few quick sprays.

TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum Frizz Control & Straightener 8.45 Oz is lightweight and airy on your hair, so it won’t weigh it down or make it feel stiff. It also contains ingredients that help to protect your curls from damage while locking in shine and adding volume to dry hair.

Get ready to wow everyone with gorgeous tousled curls!

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Designer: Tigi

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