5 in 1 Hair Brush Dryer and Volumizer


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With a 360-degree rotatable power code and 3 temperature modes, this environmentally-friendly, EU health, and safety-compliant 5-in-1 hair dryer is the real deal. The 5 in 1 One Step Hair Dryer is a multipurpose hair dryer crafted with ionic technology. The bristles help to detangle and smooth your hair while the heat ensures your hair is dry. With the hair dryer, achieving a frizz-free shine and voluminous hair is possible. It has unmatched capabilities to create smooth and straight hair. It makes combing through curly, dense, or coarse hair seamless.

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Multi-purpose hair-styling functionality

You don’t need a separate hair gadget for combing, blowing, straightening, or iron-curling your hair. Our pro hot, cold hair brush dryer comb has interchangeable brush models to do all that. The volumizer technology especially stands out as it enables closer placement of the dryer to your scalp for lift and near salon-grade hair blowouts.

Scalp Massage and Hot Brush

Unlike the traditional hair dryer brushes, you can place this volumizer very close to your scalp for lift. The bristles of this dryer allow blood stimulation on your scalp. You can achieve the best feeling by relaxing your scalp muscles with the volumizer.

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You can pick from 3 temperature settings to suit your comfort and hair-styling versatility. The built-in Ionic Technology also helps reduce drying time, making our dryer great for all hair types, wet or dry. So, whether working with silky soft hair, dry, normal-ish hair, or even thick hair, adjust the easy-to-operate temperature gear to nail your desired hair style.



Our brush blower dryer meets all the US and EU safety measures and comes with CE and FCC certification. The dryer also boasts 3-heat/speed settings with cool shot and 2-heat/speed Settings for styling flexibility with Cool Option, making it much safer. This unit has a rating of Voltage / Power: 110/220V and 1000w to provide just the proper heat.


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A design that personifies efficiency and comfort

Our hair dryer design incorporates nylon pin and tufted bristles firm enough to dig deep into the thickest of hairs and soften and untangle stiff hair and wigs. The strands further feature oval-shaped endings to add volume to your hair, be it shampoo or moisturizer application. The barrel of the hot air brush has a ceramic coating to ensure heat distribution and a longer lifetime value on the dryer. And the two-meter-long power cord with a 360-degree swivel rotation mechanism enables you to easily move around while you hold and use the dryer at any angle.



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