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An IPL device is a special type of hair removal machine that uses light and radio waves to remove hair. This epilator is designed to be used as an at home laser hair remover. The product is designed with an automatic flash for use on legs, arms, and other large areas, and a manual flash for underarms, bikini line, and other smaller areas.

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IPL Hair Removal is an easy, at-home hair removal instrument that comes with a replaceable lamp head and removable battery. This hair remover employs advanced cooling systems to reduce rashes and burns on skin, simplifying the removal process and leaving skin feeling cool and smooth.

The lamp itself is 16 inches tall, 5.94 inches long, and 3.1 inches wide. It can easily be brought along on an overnight trip or lengthy vacation, and can be used anywhere. No extra equipment is needed.

With five separate laser energy levels of different strengths, this product caters to hair thickness and coarseness and can be personalized to suit virtually all needs. It is up to you to decide the best strength for your hair and skin type.

The IPL Hair Removal System uses a vacuum to suck the skin away, leaving no redness or irritation. There is no need for any numbing cream or wax, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin types.

It offers a variety of benefits over traditional hair removal methods, such as less pain and fewer burns.

It’s pain-free and can be used on all areas of the body – including the bikini line and underarms. Be a soft queen with IPL Hair Removal.

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