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If you care about having a beautiful head of lustrous, gleaming hair, then do we have good news for you: we’ve got a ton of different products that you’re guaranteed to love. Keep reading to learn all about the Brushious products that can help promote hair growth in addition to improving the health, shine, and overall look of your hair.


The Brushious Silicone Shampoo Brush

Our famous shampoo brush may be small, but it is mighty. Made of silicone, this brush is designed to allow you to massage your scalp without scarring or scratching it; because the massaging activity promotes blood circulation, using this brush actually stimulates the movement of nutrient-rich blood to the scalp and hair follicles, where it can stop hair loss and promote hair growth. For these reasons, our shampoo brush is the perfect tool for anyone hoping to achieve hair growth!


However, that’s not all: this brush has many other great advantages. It’s ideal for exfoliating and cleaning your scalp, and it can be used to help reduce dandruff. Additionally, people with oily hair will find that it can be used to help reduce oiliness and restore a natural sheen and luster to their hair. The list of advantages goes on and on. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a powerful tool that can help promote hair growth and improve the health and beauty of your current hair, the silicone shampoo brush may be the perfect tool for you.


Hair Growth Essential Oil

It happens to the best of us: sometimes our hair stops growing, or our hair growth starts to slow down or experience damage. When that happens, there is hair growth essential oil, which is specifically designed to promote hair growth and repair damaged hair. The application is easy, as it only involves diluting the oil with shampoo and applying routinely for up to 90 days, and the results speak for themselves. Not only will your hair start to grow back, but it will grow back faster and denser than ever before. Additionally, it’s able to be used by almost anybody: both men and women have used the hair growth essential oil and been wowed by the results.


If you’re hoping to find a way to restore lost hair or kickstart your sluggish hair growth, the all-natural oils in this hair growth serum make it the perfect choice. Try it today in combination with the shampoo brush described above for an extra boost in circulation and watch as your hair grows in shinier, thicker, and more impressive than ever before.


Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

If your hair is feeling thin, brittle, or damaged, it may be in need of some deep conditioning. But going to the salon can be time-consuming and expensive, and the effects don’t last for very long. Enter the deep conditioning heat cap, which can be used to provide your hair with the nutrients and hydration it needs in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply microwave the cap and place it on your head; the cap contains flaxseed, which allows it to retain heat for up to 30 minutes. The heat will allow your hair follicles to open up, allowing oils and conditioning treatments to be more thoroughly absorbed into your hair, and the cap is cordless, which means that you can continue to move around your house while the cap works its magic.


The combination of heat and conditioning treatments makes the deep conditioning heat cap a great way to repair brittle or damaged hair and turn your tresses into healthy, thick, smooth and shiny locks. If you want to be able to dramatically improve the quality and health of your hair without having to step foot outside your own home, try it today. The results — and your hair — will speak for itself.


Heating Hair Cap Steamer

Healthy hair grows faster and looks better, which is why it’s important to keep your hair from experiencing damage when you care for it. The heating hair cap steamer is a great example of a product that can help you keep your hair looking and feeling its best. This steamer allows you to keep your current hairstyle and your current hair dryer, and it allows the heat of your hair dryer to be aimed directly at your hair while also undergoing maximum heat distribution. It’s a great tool for drying your hair without damaging it or hurting your scalp, making the entire haircare process easier, more effective, and less painful. If you frequently blow-dry your hair and are hoping to minimize the amount of damage it experiences every day, the heating hair cap steamer may be the perfect tool for you.


Quick Dry Hair Towel

You probably know that your hair can be damaged when you’re styling it. But did you know that hair is weaker when it’s wet, and that you may be damaging it by using the wrong type of towel? While cotton towels take a long time to dry your hair, the quick dry hair towel is made of microfiber that helps it wick away moisture faster than cotton. Additionally, microfiber is gentle, not harsh, and it can help your hair dry safely in a relatively short amount of time, which can allow you to start styling your hair without having to wait for hours. Even better? Because the microfiber is so gentle, it can reduce your odds of developing split ends. Overall, if you want healthy hair that doesn’t break or frizz due to towel-induced damage, this genius microfiber hair towel is the way to go.


Try Brushious For Hair Growth Today

Whether you’re looking for a tool to help promote hair growth or you want to see an improvement in the quality and health of your current hair, we have tools that can make your hair stand out in the crowd. Take a look at what products we have to offer and place an order today. You’ll enjoy free shipping on every order, a 30-day return period, and 24/7 customer support. We know you want your hair to be the best it can be — let Brushious help!


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